2nd Wind MENtors Week 4: Accountability and Unsuccessful vs. Successful

Chair Discussions Episode 4 was highlighted by one mentee reaching his goal and a guest speaker. Videographer/editor credentials: @alissamunguia

Kingston weighed in the 1st week at 187. I told him needed to be 5 pounds lighter the next week. He miss week two, came back the following week, weighted in and he was 186.2. Didn’t lose any weight and I was very upset! I gave him a responsibility goal to be ACCOUNTABLE for weight and that was to be 180 by the following Sunday. Well Kingston took the challenge and made his weight! Let’s give Kingston a congrats on stepping up for being ACCOUNTABLE and making his weight, and taking his health seriously so he can have a long prosperous future!

Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker Shauron Sykes spoke on “Unsuccessful vs Successful” people. Shauron may have been in physical bondage, but the way he spoke to the MENtees on Sunday, I could tell that his mind is FREE! I believe me and Shauron have something in common; we both are trying to prove a point. My point is to teach kids what to do, Shauron’s point is to teach kids what not to do.

My goal for my MENtorship program is for the youth listen to the wise people before them and understand the pitfalls to avoid that comes with being an athlete, businessman or whatever purpose you have in life, and to not squandered your God given gift to society.

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